Monday, May 26, 2008

Spike Chicken

Thanks to my friend Stephanie for this great tasting and easy recipe. You should definitely look through her recipes. They all look so good.

The secret ingredient to this chicken is the Spike seasoning. Like Stephanie, I had to go to the Good Earth grocery store to find it.

Chicken cutlets
Olive oil
Spike seasoning

Heat olive oil in hot pan, place chicken in pan, lightly sprinkle with Spike, cook until center is cooked through.

I sprinkled both sides of the chicken breast with Spike but I used too much seasoning. Stephanie says sometimes she will sprinkle the Spike into the olive oil and cook it that way. Next time I make this I will still sprinkle each side of the chicken, just use less spice than I did this time.

My first time making it, this piece was good but had too much seasoning:

This one was perfect (and closer to what Stephanie's look like too!).

This recipe was too easy. It will definitely be added into the regular rotation at our house.

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Steph said...

I'm so glad you liked the seasoning! I'm so glad I found it in the first place, it is my all time favorite now!