Monday, May 19, 2008


I started this blog awhile ago for my own convenience. When I started I didn't have any pictures, just a bunch of recipe ingredients to make it easier when someone asked for a copy of a recipe (no more writing it out by hand, or missing an ingredient, or writing down the wrong measurement). It was also great for cooking when I was out of town. I could access my recipes from anywhere - my mom's house, the family reunion, or sometimes even pull it up quicker on the computer at home than I could find it digging through my recipe box.

I didn't tell anyone about my blog for a long time because I didn't want them to get on, see 5 whole recipes on here and say, "Wow, Whitney, that's great. Whoop-de-doo. So what. You typed up a few recipes." My goal was to eventually get my whole recipe box on here. Then I discovered how much I like to have the pictures of my recipes too.

I have a lot of recipes I've already posted without pictures. I am in the process of going back and trying to add pictures for every recipe. Somehow it makes them new all over again. I figure you are more likely to try a new recipe when you can see a picture of it instead of just reading through the list of ingredients. At least that's how I am.

I have actually been going back and adding pictures to a lot of my past posts for awhile now. But nobody knows it unless you are searching through my archives. So I have started re-posting recipes as I have a new picture to go with it. Enjoy.


Jennifer said...

This is so great, Whitney! I'm appreciative of the pictures! I've used many of your pictures in my recipe book (hope that's OK). It sure does make a difference! Way to go!

AmyR said...

Your blog has become my new recipe box. Do you ever do "freezer meals"? What are your best freezer meals for a busy day?

sues2u2 said...

I have really enjoyed your blog since I found it while "surfing" from a friend's site. The pix are very helpful! I also appreciate how convenient it is to find new (to us) recipes. Keep up the fun! This is great!!

My Favorite Recipes said...

AmyR: Freezer meals? Let me think about it.

sues2u2: Thanks! I'm glad it is easy to find what you are looking for on my site. That's what I've tried to do so I'm happy to get some positive feedback.

My Favorite Recipes said...

Jennifer: I'll have to hear more details about your recipe book. I'm interested to see what you have been working on.