Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sounds tasty

One of my 5 year olds informed me yesterday he wanted to make cookies and proceeded to dictate the recipe to me.

"I want to make chocolate cookies. We put in chocolate chips, then all the stuff for peanut butter chews, and then 1 tomato, 2 pieces of ice, 3 pieces of butter, and 1 piece of peanut butter on a bread. We mix that up and then there's more.

"We have to put 1 cup...I mean one piece of M&Ms and 3 pieces of cheezits, and 3 cans of beans. One more thing: we have to put one oreo in the cookies. That's all the stuff.

"We can make it whenever we want...even right now!"

Do you ever wish you could just freeze your kids in time and just keep them at that age forever?

Sigh. I do.

(Don't worry, I also have the kind of days I am afraid they will never outgrow a certain age and/or stage.)

But today, I wish I could just always keep them little.


AmyR said...

Nate's preschool teacher for one mother's day had them each tell her the recipe for muffins and they made recipe holders as a gift with the "recipe" clipped to it. All the recipes were so cute like that. I'm glad you wrote this one down. And yes, freezing the children sounds like a fabulous idea to me.

Emily said...

You must make really healthy cookies at your house if he thinks you add beans and tomatoes. That is some recipe! (and so super cute that he thought he could tell you the recipe)

So did you end up making cookies?

My Favorite Recipes said...

Amy, that idea sounds so cute. My youngest brother gave me a recipe holder he made himself when he was only 8 and new in scouts and I hadn't been married very long (we are 16 years apart)...and I LOVE it! Otherwise I can never find my recipe when I'm cooking.

I thought you, of all people, might want to actually try this cookie recipe. I mean, it has 3 cans of beans in it!

My Favorite Recipes said...

Emily, my husband said if we were rich it would be cool to make them just to show the kids what it would look and taste like.

So we didn't make them.

Besides, you can't get tomatoes right now with the salmonella outbreak.

Liz said...

That is so cute! I probably wouldn't put him in charge of cooking anytime soon though! On second thought, you never know how they might turn out- maybe he's a little genius chef in the making, and someday we'll all be buying his cookbook!

Andrea said...

Hey! I am so glad you found my blog. I was wondering if you were a blogger and hoped we would find eachother. I love recipes so I can't wait to keep checking in. We have got to get together!!! We are so close!

Kori C said...

That last comment was from me, Kori, just so you know. Sorry, I didn't know I was posting under the wrong name.