Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orange Chicken and Spring Rolls

Now, I'll be up front with you from the get go. This is not a homemade recipe.

But the point is, my family thought it was. They raved about it. They all thought it was so good my husband wondered aloud why I had never ever made Chinese in all of our married life together. Which is the reason I'm posting it up here.

I figured they knew it was from a box. But they didn't. I kind of burst the bubble when I pointed to the empty boxes on the counter.

[photo credit:
This is the same brand I used.
She also had a recipe for additional sauce to spoon over the rice.]

So we loved the orange chicken. The white steamed rice with it was a tasty combination. The spring rolls were a hit, but I didn't realize they were fried so I would try a lower calorie option next time.

Even my picky three year old believed us when we told him they were chicken nuggets with the ketchup already on.

Thumbs down on the Rice a Roni Fried Rice. Which we probably could have guessed before hand, but I like their chicken flavor and I really like their spanish rice with the tomatoes in it so I figured I would give it a try. Won't be making it again.

I got the orange chicken and spring rolls from Costco. It was fast, it was easy, the family scarfed it.

With leftovers I added a little water so it wouldn't dry out as I heated it and it ended up making a little more sauce, enough to spoon over the rice. It was really good this way.

Semi-homemade at it's finest. My only tip is: put away the boxes and take full credit for the meal.


The White Clan said...

I went to Costco yesterday and almost bought it but wasa little nervous. I am super picky on my Chinese food. But now that I know, I will have to buy it. Thanks for the tip! You are awesome, it was like you knew what I wanted.

Sarah said...

MMMMMMM! I've been craving this so much! I'll have to try it. You'll have to have Kacey give you her fried rice recipe for next time! It's supposed to be amazing!