Friday, March 30, 2007

Stuffed Peppers

My huband loves peppers, so this dinner won me big points the first time I made it for him. I grew up on this dinner.

1 lb. hamburger
3/4 c. Minute Rice
1/2 8 oz. tomato sauce
1 tsp. salt
dried onion

Mix together and stuff about 6 green peppers with mixture after cutting off the top and cleaning out the pepper. After they are stuffed put the "lid" back on.

Cook in pressure cooker with water and the rest of the tomato sauce for 15 min. Use juices to make tomato gravy (thicken, add salt and worchestshire sauce to taste) to go over over meat and additional rice.

(We never ate the cooked peppers as kids but it gives it good flavor.)

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sues2u2 said...

Try using red peppers instead of green. The red are very healthy & are sweeter than the green. Most kids love them if they'll try them. I also use 97% fat free turkey burger & brown rice when making mine. Very lite & nutritious.