Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ice Cold Strawberry Milkshakes

My dad recently reminded me of this tasty low calorie treat. If I'm craving ice cream or something sweet at night, this will really hit the spot and satisfy my craving. Plus, it's really filling and you'll eat it slower because it's cold! These are so good, even strawberry haters (yes, they do exist, in my own house, actually) will gobble them right up.

15 frozen strawberries
1/2 cup Splenda (or sugar)
2 cups fat-free milk

Blend until smooth. Makes 4-5 cups. Weight Watchers Point Plus Value: 4 points for the whole batch. About 1 point per cup, depending on serving size.


Emily Heizer Photography said...

Hey, Whit, typo? 1/2 what splenda? Half a packet? Half a cup? Half a container?

Whitney said...

Make that 1/2 cup Splenda. :) I've also found that the generic brand of Splenda from Walmart works just fine.